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Are you worried and feeling frustrated with your child’s impulsivity, hyperactivity and inability to focus?

Have you suffered your whole life feeling disorganized, impulsive and having an inability to focus?

Are you worried about the side effects of prescription drugs on you or your child?

What are the long term implications if this problem is not addressed?

Is it time to do something about it?

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Topics to be discussed:

  • Why the medical approach fails to address the under-lying cause and just treats the symptoms
  • What are the true causes of ADD/ADHD
  • What your doctor doesn’t know he can’t tell you
  • Why prescription drugs is not a long term solution
  • What you or your child is doing/eating to promote ADD/ADHD
  • How functional neurology can balance the ADD/ADHD brain with a clinically proven program
  • Question & Answer session with Dr. Ed Beyer, D.C. 

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